Your Turn To Go

angry scrabble Someone at The Onion must be into Scrabble; it gets abused with such frequency (and accuracy). Whoever writes these things knows the game. This week we learn the terrible truth behind the unhappy life of CEO Mortimer Z. Hassenfeld in ‘Jilted Hasbro CEO Laughs Coldly As Scrabble Destroys Another Relationship’. If you are trying to get someone to break up with you, bring him or her to Blue State Coffee tonight for Scrabble Wednesdays. Bring a board, and a pencil and paper to keep score. Purchase coffee, tea, espresso drinks etc. at the cash register next to the tip jar. (One of the words pictured here is not a good Scrabble word.)

6pm to closing, Wednesday, Blue State Coffee, 300 Thayer Street.

1 thought on “Your Turn To Go”

  1. Annie Messier

    I love so much that you’re referring to “at,” even if my Scrabble dictionary might have something to say about the others…

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