Caped Crusaders In Town

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property is in town.

Yesterday a contingent of the clunkily-named group of Catholic extremists started campaigning around the state to remind us all about the evils of gay marriage.  They’re an easy bunch to spot, since wear red capes to do their protesting.  However, unlike the Westboro Baptists that were recently here, The official website for TFP–or, as I prefer,TASFTDOTFAP–doesn’t have a calendar saying where or when they’re going to be anywhere.  I  guess they’re just more into surprises (or maybe just afraid of counter-protestors.)

If you’re bored and looking for something to read, their website’s got an article about why it isn’t fair that Michael Jackson was acquitted of child abuse charges when many priests’ careers are ruined for “much less serious allegations.”  There’s also a mysterious link to an article about why global warming is a myth, and an even more mysterious link to a website about property rights (the only link under the Pro-America header.)

Originally based in Brazil, and calls for a return to the times when the Church ruled everything and the rich were considered morally superior to the poor.  The group seems to get up to all sorts of shenanigans in South America–a quick search led to all kinds of conspiracy theory articles, some of which linked them to the Pinochet regime–though their presence stateside has been fairly minimal since they were founded here in 1973.

[Note: I will buy a coffee and/or a beer for any the first person who gets a picture of one of these caped people in Providence.]

[via Joe.My.God]

2 thoughts on “Caped Crusaders In Town”

  1. Joseph Gallagher

    What about the gay rights extremist who will do anything to try to get us right wing Catholic defenders of truth and morals off the street, even trying to run us over. Nice try gay rights people, not everybody will accept you.

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