And Now For Something Completely Different

woollyfair Woolly Fair! Wooled of Wheels.

We made sure we were home this year for this event, having heard so much of what we missed that it was worse than being sick (repeatedly) when the circus came to town as a kid.

Come join the celebratory mayhem of sheer creative fun, our own Little Rhody’s Burning Man. Is it an art fair, a creative flare, a woolly bare, a roustabouts lair? Who knows but you, since you become part of the syzygy once you roll into the orbit.

$15 for folks with jobs. $10 for students. For tickets or preregistration go here.

If you have a wheeled creation idea, it may not be too late to register. Be here, and be sphere. Er.

July 25, 6pm to 1am, 532 Kinsley Avenue

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