Who’s That Behind Those Foster Grants?

raquel welch Dorian Gray apparently. Rhode Island company* Foster Grant is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a new ad campaign and an online charity auction** of sunglasses signed by celebrities***. Foster Grant is reprising its famous 60’s ad campaign with one of the originals, Raquel Welch, who at 68 years of age has clearly made some Faustian bargain because come on . . . just look at her. I know all about botox and air brushing and all, but. . . look at her! Whatever it is she is doing, she has not become one of those affectless, trout-pout gargoyles. Another original from the 60’s ad campaign and former Rhode Island resident, Anthony Quinn, was unavailable for comment.

*who knew?

**all out-of-state charities for some reason

***Paula Abdul

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