Work Is A Four-Letter Word


Today’s the premiere of That Job Sucked Anyway, Megan Hall and Sue Ellen Kroll’s radio documentary about people’s terrible work experiences. We all have them, but over time they can (sometimes) transform from anxiety-inducing horrors to darkly comedic stories so hilarious that you want to share with strangers.*  (In my interview, I told the story about the job I had where I was accused of kidnapping a nine-year old.)  For the many, many, many people that are currently unemployed or underemployed, this may also be a reminder that things could always be worse.

The event’s happening from 5-7 at Burnside Park, which means you can stop by after work.  The recorded part starts at 5:30 and music will be provided by one of the guys from Javelin.  If it’s raining, it’ll move over to the Speakeasy at Local 121.  Which I think is the upstairs part, although I can never remember.  Since it’s Thursday, there’s also beer, because they do that in the park now.

(*However, if you mention the word Froodles in my presence I may have to kick you.)

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