The Windsock Puppets Eventually Turned On Him


I can’t get the first sentence started here because to call this guy a singer and a songwriter doesn’t begin to cover it. Musician and Berklee grad Bleu McAuley has so many irons in the fire and projects going on it makes your head explode. This is his new single ‘Come ‘n Go’ and you can drive up to Boston tonight (it’s possible, I’ve done it) for a release party of his new cd A Watched Pot and hear these wondrous vocals for yourself.  A small group of lucky locals got a preview last night where he set off a few car alarms — that voice is real.  Personally I keep waiting for another project which seems to be taking forever, Loud Lion. This homage to Def Leppard features Taylor Locke of Rooney, Alisson Robertson of The Donnas and John Fields who recorded with Andrew WK. You may recognize the ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ theme. (According to Bleu, the windsock guys took a few good swipes at him. South Central LA and he gets mugged by puppets.)

10:45pm, Friday, Bleu (with band), TT the Bears, 10 Brookline Street, Central Square, Cambridge

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