There’s Always Something Happening Kinda Near Warwick Mall

Update on the Caped Crusaders report:

On the 26th someone commented here, implying that he was a member of TASFTDOTFAP and that “gay rights extremists” had tried to run him over.  Three days later, the group claim to have been attacked by mayonnaise-wielding “burly women” while protesting to Sears patrons at the intersection of Bald Hill Road and that street you take to get to CCRI.

Actually, there was allegedly pepper spray involved, too, and if there was I’m kind of surprised and disappointed in the burly women of Warwick.  Because it’s one thing to throw mayonnaise at a zealot wearing a red cape who most passers-by probably just assumed was promoting something at Chuck E Cheese.  But physical harm is just unnecessary in this situation, regardless of whatever horrible things their parent organization’s been doing in South America since the sixties.

Also, why the hell has no one sent in any pictures of these people yet?  I know you all have cameraphones!

[Again, via Joe.My.God.]

1 thought on “There’s Always Something Happening Kinda Near Warwick Mall”

  1. Annie Messier

    Totally agree, Matthew. I’m disappointed in anyone who would physically attack a protester (mayonnaise counts too). It was wrongly misguided passion. Didn’t the TASFTDOTFAP folks already ridicule themselves enough with the capes?

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