Closing Time

Today’s your last chance to see the RISD Museum before it shuts down for a month.  It’s also your last chance to see Carl Ostendarp’s colorful Pulled Up exhibit.  I originally thought the show was just another way for RISD to be all like “Hey everybody, remember Talking Heads? They went here! Really world, please don’t judge us entirely on Family Guy! Yeah!”  But certain pieces are actually pretty okay, even if the show is less exciting overall than it feels like it ought to be.

Today’s also the last day for Yousef Karsh’s Portraits of Artists exhibit.  Generally I think artist portraits is a horrible concept for a show, but a couple of photos in this exhibit manage to sidestep complete self-indulgence.

The other shows running through the fall will be back when the museum re-opens in early September.  (RISDworks is staying open in the meantime, should you feel the need to buy weird arty gifts/stupid Family Guy crap before then.)

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