Outstanding In Their Field

the 'mericans in joshua tree Congratulations to Dose editor, deejay, and maniacal bass player, Eric Smith, and all the other ‘mericans who were voted ‘Best Local Act’ in the 2009 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll. When reached for comment, frontman Chris Daltry had this to say, “Gee gosh, t’wern’t nothin’.” He then lit a cigar with a hundred dollar bill, poured a bottle of Cristal out on the floor, and made a waitress cry. He’s changed.

(photo credit: annie messier)

2 thoughts on “Outstanding In Their Field”

  1. Yes, and those new Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses have got to go. You should see how he’s pimping out the minivan…

  2. Annie Messier

    Thanks for the laugh, Beth! This band totally deserved it. They’re amazing.

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