Divinely Chosen

The FamilyFor many of us, the Governor Sanford debacle was the first we heard mention of C Street, the Christian fellowship house on C Street in Washington D. C.  It was where he turned to find ‘support’ and where he undoubtedly found it.  For an organization that holds Hitler and Pol Pot in high esteem, a little philandering is not going to register as much of an infraction.  The perverse and terrifying ideology of ‘The Family’ was laid out by author Jeff Sharlet last week on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ (book now in paperback). It is the first time I have ever seen Mr. Maher at a loss for words.  Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Mr. Sharlet last summer when the book came out. Rachel Maddow has also interviewed Sharlet (vid after jump), Huffpo has a comprehensive write-up of this story, and ‘Doonesbury’ has started a C Street storyline as well. Good. This story needs wide exposure. For most people it was the hypocrisy of the place that was so appalling, but the depravity of this cult goes way beyond that.


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