That’s Not My NOM

This is still almost two weeks away, but on the 16th the National Organization for Marriage plans to hold a Marriage And Family Day at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, and the National Director of NOM (nom nom nom) is going to be making an appearance. Hopefully the weather will hold out!

It’s free and open to everybody, which I think means we should all go.  I’m not really sure whether I can secure myself a wife and kids before then, but it’s worth a shot, right?  There’s an ice cream social at the end, so it’ll totally be worth it.

(PS: if anyone can find out who the ‘local bands’ are that are playing in the afternoon, I’d like to know.  Thanks!)

4 thoughts on “That’s Not My NOM”

  1. I belive tha the Aldrich Mansion is owned by the Cathoic Diocese of Providence. Hey, it’s their house, let them use it as they wish. I think we should leave this one alone.


  2. OOoooh Maggie,
    Say it isn’t SO, darling! Do you mean to say that you think that the NOM group is actively hosting this fab soirée just to celebrate that little ol’ thang called heterosexual privilige? Seems to me that the group NEVER EXISTED until us LGBT folk pulled together to say WTF?!!

    Same-sexed married but stil not federally recognized,


  3. Oh, Meg. You don’t really mean that a “hate group” consists of people who think marriage means a husband and wife do you? Really?

    I sometimes still hold out hope that people who say such things, don’t really believe them. Hope is shrinking. But being Americans we try to be stubbornly forward-looking and optimistic. Surely Meg speaks for only a minority of gay marriage supporters, right?

    Take care. Sorry we dsiagree on the basic meaning of marriage. I know there is a lot else we agree on though!


  4. i just emailed them at: to let them know that i was deeply disappointed to hear that they’re happy to host hate groups, and that i would certainly be sure that my friends and family are aware of said stance when planning weddings and other events in the future. email campaign, anyone?

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