He Left His Mark

guy fieri He tagged the Liberty Elm while shooting a segment there, he also filmed at Crazy Burger and Morin’s, but did anyone get Guy Fieri over to the Johnson & Wales Diner Museum?  I guess we will have to watch and see. I’m not much one for the Food Network, but I do occasionally check out Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  The problem of course is that it makes a person irrationally hungry, and likely to jump in the car and find something, anything, deep-fried (what Homer calls ‘the congealed group’). Gail Ciampa writes in today’s ProJo that Fieri even has a local connection having married a gal from Nawt Providence. While in town the crew also visited what Ciampa refers to as Louis Restaurant on College Hill. Sorry Gail, that should be Loui’s.

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