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pinatas I nearly drove into a tree when I saw that a pinata store had opened on Broadway.  What kind of cockeyed optimist opens a pinata store, in this state, in this economy?  I finally stopped in and her name is Sussy and she’s really swell.

Sussy made a point of explaining that these are not your crappy Chinese pinatas made of cardboard — these are the good ones from Guatemala, made with wire and newspaper — hence the store’s credo, “easy to break”.  I even know some people who had a custom-job created for a very special boy on his birthday. At the party, his giant wire-and-paper head valiantly resisted some solid whacking before exploding into pieces to the delight of all.  (The store also carries proper pinata whackers, no showing up with a bedazzled hockey stick.) Truth is, the store carries many other crafts, including some beautiful jewelry, from Guatemala. According to Ms. Deleon, these products employ native women back home. (I suppose I’ve just pissed off the Chinese pinata industry *sigh* I apologize ahead of time. But also check out the pinata catalogue with the oddly anglicized names  —  Cris the Elephant, Bill the Lion.)

The Pinata Center, 300 Broadway, 421.5180 (also 1.888.9PINATA)

the bee and the bear

bee and bear pinatas


guatemalan jewelry

3 thoughts on “Hit Me!”

  1. I had one of these pinatas at my birthday party. It was not at all easy to break. In fact it took about 10 adults taking turns to finally whack the head off the body. And no, I don’t think the alcohol consumed prior to the pinata beating had anything to do with the difficulty we had.

  2. Pinatas aren’t exactly a luxury. Fill em up with some cheap candy and it’s actually a good party idea for an economy like this.

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