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perseid meteor shower Professor Britton tipped me off to this last Saturday at Club Hell — it’s Perseid Meteor Shower Week! And we are hours away from peak viewing hours. Set your alarm for 4am (Wednesday morning). According to Sky and Telescope,

The Perseid meteor shower peaks late tonight and tomorrow night. Light from the nearly last-quarter Moon poses some interference. See our Perseids story for more details.

In particular, observers will be paying special attention around 4 a.m. EDT (1 a.m. PDT) on Wednesday morning the 12th, when according to one prediction, Earth will cross a rich sub-filament of the Perseids that could produce an upsurge in activity for an hour or so.

Weather permitting, Wednesday’s open house at the CCRI Margaret M. Jacoby Observatory should be focused on this event (9pm to 11:30pm).

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