They Tried To Make Us Go To Rehab (We Said No, No, No)

The New York Times reports today that people in Rhode Island like their illegal substances.  A lot.

According to a study released in May by the Department of Health and Human Services, we have the second-highest cocaine usage in the country (after DC), the nation’s highest rate of alcohol consumption, and we apparently smoke more marijuana than even all those hippie people in Vermont.  We also smoke a lot more cigarettes than the rest of the northeast, though not nearly as much as those in the tobacky-growing states.  (Unfortunately for us, the report doesn’t include anything about methamphetamines, where we’re actually a lot less addicted than the rest of the country.)

I feel like there’s something maybe a little wacky about the methodology here, because although we’re more urban than the rest of the country I can’t imagine that we’re really that much worse than anywhere else.

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