Freedom For Fromme!

After 30 years in the clink, historical footnote Squeaky Fromme has been released from prison today. Is she dying to finally Tweet? Is she as excited for Mad Men Season 3 as I am?! Taste that freedom, Squeaky, a brave new world awaits you!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Squeaky gained fame in the 70s for a number of oh-no-she-di’in’ts, most notably for her membership in the Manson family and for her failed assassination attempt of then President Ford – both of which probably seem like poor life choices in hindsight.

I know and love Squeaky from Sondheim’s amazing musical Assassins (yes, I’m that gay), where the character Squeaky Fromme sings a duet with the character John Hinckley (of Jodie Foster/Ronald Regan fame).

Since my greatest joy in life is finding sad gays and needy girls doing bad covers of showtunes on YouTube (mostly because I’m cold and dead inside), it took me no time at all to find a YouTube clip of a sad gay singing not one but both parts of “Unworthy of Your Love”. Celebrate Squeaky’s freedom, Fridays, and sad gays below! (sass/tragedy starts at the 4:10 mark)


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