Weekend In Music

Ida Maria Friday@Firehouse 13, Loud Night with Doomriders, Night Horse, Javelina, Howl @The Blackstone, Tiffany Shea, Patrice Pike, Jeff Byrd Dirty Finch, Johnny Lingo @Lupo’s/BoA City Center, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Catch-22, Ida Maria @Jerky’s, Pistol Shot Gypsy, blind Assumption, Frequency Control, Fear of State @AS220, Frank Difficult, Thollem McDonas, Martha Collburn @Club Hell, The Glass Jars, Wires!Wires!, The Gambees

Saturday@Club Hell, Beneath the Sky, Forever in Terror, Damsels in Distress, Masamune @Jerky’s, Fairhaven @AS220, Foo Fest

Sunday@Dark Lady, Chinese Stars, All Leather, Bermuda @The Blackstone, Gifts From Enola, A Troop of Echoes, Ana Mollozzi @The Liberty Elm, The Salt Wives, Dangerbird, Rodney Lee @Waste Not Want Not, Devin, Gary, Ross, Mirror Phases, Lichens, Mazes, Eli, Ashley

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