Here’s How We Do It

early bird special In a recent monologue, the excellent Bill Maher opined “I was originally opposed to the death panels, but I’m beginning to come around.”  Amen to that. The recent protests have prompted some pretty dark thoughts in even the most benign of souls. The Greatest Generation? I haven’t heard that appellation in quite a while.  If Nana and Pop-Pop think their grandchildren are going to remember the sacrifices of sugar rationing as they remove their own tonsils, I think they are sadly mistaken.

Providence Journal columnist, the equally excellent Froma Harrop, is distressed as well. In her piece on August 13, ‘Greedy geezers not nice people’ she suggests that perhaps the elderly should be allowed to experience life without a government-run insurance program,

I am one who has long fought conservative efforts to let Medicare, in former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s words, “wither and die on the vine.” But then you see so many beneficiaries of this liberal program parroting lies about liberals wanting to kill them. Makes you think.

Okay okay, so we can’t really lure them into our ‘facility’ with half-price meatloaf, but we can join the protest and make our voices heard as well. To find out how, contact Peter Asen at Ocean State Action.

6pm, Wednesday, Representative Langevin hosts a town hall meeting at Warwick City Hall, 3725 Post Road
5:30pm, Thursday, Senator Whitehouse hosts a community dinner at the West Warwick Senior Center (gird your loins, people) 145 Washington Street

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