Moderate Party Has Landed!

I’ve been in the bind so many times before. Standing at the voting booth wondering if I should cast my vote

for a conservative neo-con Republican (fat chance!), a well-meaning but politically isolated Independent who won’t have enough sway or influence (I’m not so sure…), or an anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-spending Democrat.

I just got word that the Moderate Party will be on the ballot in 2010. If you’re shaking your head wondering what the Moderate Party is, I highly suggest you go to their website and read-up. It sounds like a ‘fix the things that are broken’ mindset that the state could really use right now.

I’m sick of voting for Democrats that are more conservative than my grandparents. This could be a tremendous opportunity for the ‘socially liberal fiscal conservatives’ out there who want to get involved and help right this capsized ship we call Rhode Island.

3 thoughts on “Moderate Party Has Landed!”

  1. Clay, I don’t imagine that candidates will be judged on how ‘progressive’ they are. The word ‘progressive’ is very loaded, and I’m not sure that everyone can agree on what it means, exactly. For instance, I think there are a -lot- of socially liberal fiscal conservatives here that are far more ‘progressive’ than many of our representatives in the legislature. I’m pro gay-rights, pro-choice, pro green-energy, and I think my views on indoor prostitution are pretty well documented on this site, but I think we need to rein-in spending and squeeze a lot more value out of the social safety-nets that we have in place. Does this make me ‘progressive’ or ‘libertarian’?

    There are lots of areas where one would think I was totally blue-blood, but (for instance) when I hear about the state engaging in ‘green wasting’ like installing expensive water-conservation (we have plenty of water here in RI), or solar installations (current solar tech doesn’t recoup its costs in latitudes this high), it makes me really sad, especially when we could be doing less ‘touchy-feely’ stuff that would actually have far more impact (revolving fund to pay for insulating our ancient homes? off-shore wind? expanded hydroelectric on the Blackstone and in the bay?).

    My issue with most ‘progressives’ that I know is that they will often make decisions out of good intentions that are poor long-term solutions for the economy and business. (forgive my generalization there)

    Hopefully, the Moderates will be based on rational, results-based policy, which is what they purport to be.

  2. I love the idea of the moderate party, but until I see actual candidates I can vote for, I’ll remain skeptical. While I consider myself a libertarian, I think it would be a terrible mistake if this party keeps out progressives, and just becomes a second Libertarian party.

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