10 thoughts on “Worst Rumor Ever Alert: Palin Moving To RI?”

  1. Maybe WPRO will hire her so Matt Allen and Dan Yorke can finally train in earnest for the real american racist doughnut eating team.

  2. Averu: Maybe I’ll take you seriously someday, if you can learn to spell my name correctly, when it’s already spelled out correctly 3 inches above where you’re typing. Idiot.

  3. I think she probably has Rhode Island confused with Long Island. She isn’t all that great with geography seeing that she did call Africa a country.

  4. I can’t imagine WHY she would, but if she does, I will be outside her front door throwing douche bags (not the person, the object) at it every day.

  5. I hope she moves here. If the other rumors are true, she’ll be a single woman too. I hope she brings the whole family. They’ll fit right in.

  6. I guess we know which group you count yourself in.

    PS- You’re late on your Dues, Cory.

  7. This is great news.

    Now she can start hunting Douchebags. (no limit in Rhode Island)

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