Iron Is The New Black

tim gunn in ironman [No spoilers] Project Runway is back on the air and all is right with the world — except that our official Runway correspondent informed me at the very last minute that he had a terrible case of the vapors and has retreated to “the lake house”. (His contract has a ‘dew point’ clause.) I’ll do my best to recap the premiere. They are in L.A. now, and there were too many contestants to get truly invested in the outcome of this first episode.  I initially favored the recovering meth addict but he immediately dissolved in a puddle at the overwhelming pressure of the first assignment. And what was the first ‘challenge’? Make a dress out of fabric. He finally pulled something together that the judges liked more than I did. But at least he’s not afraid of color. The palette employed by most of the group ranged from pale champagne to pale ivory. Boring. The celebrity judge was Lindsey Lohan who seemed very determined to come across as knowledgeable and not at all drunk.

In a related story, Tim Gunn is making it work as a Marvel superhero. He was given no superpowers, so he had to borrow a suit from you-know-who.

5 thoughts on “Iron Is The New Black”

  1. Alas, I have returned from my lake retreat, rested and ready to recap.

  2. “They knew they shouldn’t have had the fashion show on the former Nevada Test Site, but when Tim Gunn was bitten by a radioactive Ralph Lauren…….”

  3. “And what was the first ‘challenge’? Make a dress out of fabric.”

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously! Johnny was working my last nerve, I wanted him auf’d, I can’t bear to listen to him break down all season.

  4. Oh, I think Tim Gunn has a super-developed sense of taste and style. But what is his origin story? Was he pricked by the needle of Yves St. Laurent’s first sewing machine?

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