Fourth Most Stressful City, But In Good Company

UPDATE: Whoops.  Yes, this post is redundant, per the post of a few slots down.  Sorry for eroding whatever veneer of professionalism we might have retained.

ORIGINAL: Forbes says that we’re the fourth most stressful city in the country*. Though all of the cities people from here seem to want to move to — DC, Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, and San Fran — are in the top ten. So it can be interpreted as an accolade — more evidence that Providence is out-sized, playing with the big boys, in league with all the heavy hitters.

*Is that before or after we get wasted and do all those drugs?

2 thoughts on “Fourth Most Stressful City, But In Good Company”

  1. Since we have the highest use percentage in the country for illegal drugs I propose we legalize and tax it all. Lets become the Amsterdam of the East Coast.
    Where’s Dave Segal, I want to see a bill to mirror CA’s pot laws, then we’ll work on the rest. COME ON DAVE!!!!

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