Rocktucket! Pawtucket Arts Fest Block Party

Rocktucket ’09

Historic Downtown Pawtucket
215 Main Street
Pawtucket RI, 02860
Sunday, Sept. 06
The Grant, Machines With Magnets, Kafe Lila and the Pawtucket Arts Festival present
The First Annual Rocktucket Block Party on Main Street
Rain Location: Pawtucket Armory
– Schwadesign presents a sneak peek at “Schwalterego” at Machines With Magnets, 400 Main Street, from 4pm to 7pm.
– Flying Shuttles Studio presents “POP: Art Inspired by Music” from 3pm to 9pm in the Grant building.
– Roller Races at the Grant from 4pm to 8pm.
– Maker Faire Rhode Island Kickoff Party at Slater Mill starting at 4pm.
Kafe Lila (Ice Cream & Drinks)
Nice Slice Pizza
Village Restaurant (African)
Hewtin’s Dogs+Mobile Food Truck by Chez Pascal
Narragansett Beer
Harpoon Brewery
Tina’s Caribbean
Trinity Brewhouse

MUSIC 4 – 11pm
Strange Famous Records Showcase (featuring B. Dolan & Sage Francis)
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Big Digits  [Boston]
2009 Best Music Poll Winners
Best Dance, Electronic Act in Boston

Big Digits have been rocking dive bars, basement parties and DIY shows for years now, and it seems Boston is finally catching on. We know their chain-mail masks are a little hard to explain, but when dudes go this balls-out crazy, rationalizations are buzzkills. It’s not just their on-stage antics, sweaty allure, and spitfire rapping that we dig, but their open-door policy to just about any idea that’ll get asses moving. They’ll open a show with two minutes of a cappella David Lee Roth, close with a juiced-up version of the Pixies’ “Gigantic,” and stuff the middle with sacks of dirty rap. You won’t find a group more eager to toss the kitchen sink into their Ableton playlist. May the beat never stop.

Javelin [NY]

Monday, July 13, 2009

“Major Lazer, jj, Memory Cassette, Underwater Peoples…damn, by the time you get around to all of this “perfect for summer” music that we’re recommending, it’s gonna be October. So, I’ll keep in brief regarding Javelin’s “Vibrationz”, much like they do. If your partygoers have had a chance to loosen up a bit, here’s a wonderful transition, two minutes of that surefire crowd-pleasin’ stuff. “Genius of Love” squiggles, toy chime synths, all of it propped up by the sort of vamp whose final minor chord only stresses how celebratory the rest of it felt– when a disembodied voice repeats the title as a hook, it’s pretty easy to tell what kind of vibes they’re feeling. Not manic enough to really hold a claim to the cut-and-paste wizardry of “The New Avalanches” but too flighty for Serious Band affectations, “Vibrationz” is willfully uncomplicated, never getting in the way of its own good time, and by the point where you start getting into the rhythm, it’s over. But fair warning: there’s a lot more like it on the Brooklyn duo’s self-released Jamz n Jemz, so, y’know- might want to clear your schedule for about an hour next weekend.– Pitchfork Music

PVD Dance Troupe [PVD]

The Providence Dance Troupe started when a group of dedicated weirdos performed to Sparks’ “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us” at the Dirt Palace New Years 2008 party. Since then, the dance troupe has been officially active in multiple incarnations as Anarchy in Motion, Jazz Hand Job, or whatever name they feel like, ok? Notable past performances include dancing to a Midnight Mongo Soundsystem original mix at Punk Rock Prom, arranging and producing a three part history of the world at AS220’s Fools Ball, and frightening New Yorkers when they danced with the band, Javelin, at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Providence Dance Troupe does not cater to the faint at heart, they use non-traditional movement, music and mayhem to change the way people think about organized dance

Sensitive Hearts [formerly Awesome Brothers]
Hello, we are the SENSITIVE HEARTS. We make the saddest music in the world you can dance to. Our live performances include both music and videos, because everyone likes to dance, but nobody likes to be watched while they dance. So, while you dance your ass off and cry all over yourself, don’t feel self-conscious. Nobody is watching you, they are watching our hovering video-conscience and dancing to our chest-exploding beats. And if they are watching you, it’s because you are an amazing dancer. Formerly known as the AWESOME BROTHERS, we are from Providence, Rhode Island. We’re just two live humans and a giant video. Let us heart you.
The Sensitive Hearts are a duo from Providence, RI that make music and videos, but not necessarily music videos. Members Luke B and Ashleigh C. began playing music together around 2005, originally calling themselves the Awesome Brothers.
Chinese Stars  [PVD]
Not a single member of The Chinese Stars has ever spent a day with clean hands. We all miss the highs and lows of rock ‘n’ roll and these can only be properly delivered with dirty hands. The Chinese Stars features Craig Kureck and Eric Paul formerly of Arab on Radar, a band that took the piss-dosed torch from Six Finger Satellite and further coated the world with their own blend of animalistic pheromones. It’s always the next generation who’ll make you lock up your doors and daughters.
Girl Haggard [PVD]
Wrong Reasons [PVD]
Wrong Reasons hammer out some rockin’ country blues in the vein of Johnny Cash and The Gun Club, while smokey-voiced singer Joe Fletcher sings like he just woke up and can’t remember the past week. It’s not quite rockabilly or C&W—and it’s much too filthy to be roots—but take the best qualities of those genres and you are getting close. If even half of these lyrics are based in fact, let’s hope they all share in the redemption they give the listeners. –
Chachi, [Pawtucket]
Chachi is an emcee who was born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He is a first generation Cape Verdean American who comes from a family of singers and musicians. He has been actively involved in the world of music entertainment for over a decade. He is a man of many talents and has assumed many roles such as emcee, promoter, deejay, ghostwriter, host and has recently formed an independent entertainment company called Big East Music Entertainment. For the past three years Chachi has been a household name around the Providence music scene. He has graced stages throughout the US and Canada opening for artists such as Talib Kweli, Ghostface, Ferro Gaita, Jurassic 5, Ras Kass, Wu Tang Clan, Lupe Fiasco, Susana Lubrano, Clipse, Keith Murray, Kidz in the Hall and 50 Cent just to name a few.
He was voted one of the top 51 emcees state to state by VIBE magazine in the December 2007 issue and he was the first winner on BET’s hit television competition 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesdays on January 2nd 2008. Chachi returned to 106 & Park in September to compete in the allstar competition in which he won and was crowned the Wild Out Wednesday 2008 grand champion for hip hop category. Chachi is slowly but surely starting to attract the attention of some industry big shots. He has already won the hearts of hip hop fans throughout the northeast region. With the help of local venues, publications, websites and radio stations, he has accumulated a strong base of fans and supporters. Chachi stepped up his business game and unveiled his new recording studio, BEAT BOX STUDIO, co-owned by long time friend and producer J. Depina and Edgar “Vertygo” Cruz. The studio is located inside the Grant building at 250 Main St. in Pawtucket, RI.
Chachi is a positive influence to the youth in his area. He is a dedicated father, coach, role model and youth advocate who encourages those around him to teach the kids and lead by example. Many people will say that with his resume of accomplishments, he is already a success. He feels he has only just begun. By far his biggest accomplishment is being a father. He loves his pride and joy 7 year old Kyla Jade and his daughter Bella 15 years old, who are both heavily involved in music and are already recording songs in Dad’s studio and following in his footsteps. Chachi is a man of many talents who would rather count his blessings than count his problems. He is persistent in his pursuit of a career in music. His love for music has instilled an incredible level of confidence in himself which is evident in his stage performance alongside his deejay and cousin DJ THERION and his newly formed band Eleventh Island. Without the use of gimmicks Chachi uses his microphone and music to showcase his skills, show love to his culture and spread good vibes. Whether signed or unsigned, Chachi is definitely an artist that is worth taking a listen. He’s consistently making moves and doing some BIG THINGS in the smallest state. Be on the lookout for his official debut release entitled “ABOUT TIME” late summer 2009. For more info join the email list on his website

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