S*it Show For Dist 10 Special Election

Everybody and their mother, and their mother’s mother, has filed to run for the State Rep seat that became vacant with the passing of Tom Slater earlier this month:

Rafael A. Colon – Democrat
Paul A. Doughty – Democrat
Jenny L. Jourdain – Democrat
John M. Kelly – Democrat
Ramon A. Perez – Democrat
Ana B. Quezada – Democrat
Scott A. Slater – Democrat
Raymond A. Tomasso – Democrat
Maryelyn Alba-Acevedo – Independent
Wilbur Jennings – Independent
John P. Tomasso – Independent
Maurice Green – Republican

That list includes Slater’s son, the president of the Providence firefighters’ union (Doughty), the head of the Meeting Street School and former proto-Mayoral candidate (Kelly), and a whole bunch of former candidates for this seat and others in the neighborhood.  If you happen to not be one of those who filed, you should be kicking yourself: It’ll take about 200 votes to win this thing.

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