Girls! Girls! Girls!

This past week kind of sucked. One of my favorite songwriters died, the Columbus was shut down and the news broke that the Taqueria Pacifica will be leaving AS220 in October.  Things are bad.  So bad, apparently, that I found myself not totally hating Mariah Carey’s recently-leaked cover of I Want To Know What Love Is.  That’s bad.  Bad bad bad.  Terrible, even.

So, to cheer myself up, I’ve been listening to this song a lot.  A whole lot.  It’s the debut single from a British duo called Mini Viva, it’s called Left My Heart In Tokyo, and it’s insanely wonderful.


See?  Insanely wonderful, right?

If you’re into the British girlie pop, I also highly recommend Girls Can’t Catch, whose debut video involves a battle of the sexes with some punky-looking biker boys on a croquet lawn in a junkyard.  It, too, is insanely wonderful, if on the nonsensical side.  Video after the jump:


Next, if you haven’t yet, you might also want to investigate Pixie Lott.  Her soul-inspired debut single, Mama Do (Uh Oh Uh Oh) got to number one in the UK, and the follow-up is possibly even better.  Now that it’s been established that she’s got a great voice and isn’t just some blonde girl with lots of makeup and a record deal, her label’s releasing Boys and Girls, a catchier if less vocally exciting song.


Finally, I’d like to introduce you to Daisy Dares You.  She was born in 1994 and, judging from the video for her self-titled debut single, she’s kind of a RurAlt who wouldn’t be out of place living in an Urban Outfitters catalog.  She’s a little shrill and the song could use a little bit of bass, but it’s a catchy thing.


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  1. the t. pacifica/as220 thing is a bummer to be sure. It’s presence + the bar was at least 90% of the reason I set foot in the place in recent years. I wonder what happened?

    re:Ruralt. Please never link to hipsterrunnoff again. You wonder why people despise the kids (aka ‘hipsters’)? Look no further than the epic retardation that website encapsulates.

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