The New Nathan Bishop

nathan bishop junior high Congratulations to all the people who worked so hard to make this happen. Nathan Bishop Junior High is scheduled to reopen this fall, starting with a sixth grade class, with seventh and eight grades to be folded in over the next two years.  Among those to be thanked is East Side City Councilor, Cliff Wood, who has long been an advocate of public education. He may well be acting out of enlightened self-interest and I say, more power to him. (Perhaps he can set his sights on Hope High now.) My recommendation to the new faculty is to get the students invested in the building and grounds right away with assigned maintenance chores so they can take personal pride in it.  Happily the new landscaping includes some sizable shade trees; science teachers should work those into the curriculum as has been done at Moses Brown. The exterior work is beautiful and the building an asset to the architectural fabric of the neighborhood. (More at ProJo.)

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