Cicilline Introduces Ordinance To Ban Prostitution In Providence

Mayor Cicilline today submitted an ordinance to the City Council calling for a ban on indoor prostitution in the city.  “While the Rhode Island General Assembly continues to work to enact laws on the state level, we have the responsibility in the City of Providence to put an end to indoor prostitution that has sprouted up in our neighborhoods disguised as so-called spas,” says the mayor in the letter, which will be brought up at the City council meeting on Thursday.  Aside from setting off my Misplaced Modifier Alarm System, the mayor’s chance to make himself look cool letter set off some alarms.


I know that we at the Dose have said this approximately 38,572,649,672,546,186,552 times now, so sorry if this seems repetitive, but banning prostitution does not make anyone safer, and it also doesn’t make prostitution go away. Are there prostitutes in every other state?  Yes.

Driving the sex business underground makes it more likely that workers will be exploited, because business owners will no longer be held accountable to anyone.  Underground spas might move, but they won’t go away, and they won’t be legally culpable for their actions.  More importantly, victimized sex workers will no longer be able to go to the police for help. Remember in April, when there was that Craigslist killer?  Remember how he was only caught because a Rhode Island called the cops?  Don’t expect that to happen next time, if the laws change.

Also, fining people for sex work, as David has pointed out earlier, means in many cases that the prostitutes will just have to work more.  Meaning that, if Cicilline’s ordinance is approved, they’ll be forced to have sex to pay off the city.


2 thoughts on “Cicilline Introduces Ordinance To Ban Prostitution In Providence”

  1. all this horse shit has been going on before jesus was born, so we dont live in a perfct world. but the prositutes keep the medical department working, and all kinds of civil defenses, as well everyone has a job to do ! at least no 1 in ri is just just sitting watching the world go around. but i do agree about the spas a none licensed massage not insured, but yet does the spas have a license to run a cat house spa ? well providence is known as las vega Nevada,rhode island ! sure is lots of fish in ocean state rhode island………..GOD BLESS AMERICA……AMEN

  2. With all this media attention I would have thought that Providence was the only place in the world that had massage parlors. Then I read about Mesa Arizona. A city about 2.5 times the size of Providence, with 120 massage parlors.

    In Arizona, prostitution is ILLEGAL, yet it has 6 times the amount of massage parlors.

    I guess making prostitution illegal didn’t really work in Arizona now did it.

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