Westminster Social Club Tonight

Every Wednesday at the 201 downtown join us for an awesome night of fresh britpop, indie rock, lost classics and guilty pleasures. Cheap drinks, excellent music, dancing, what more do you want? 9 to 1am @The 201, Westminster St, downtown free! (name the band pictured and I’ll buy you a drink)

5 thoughts on “Westminster Social Club Tonight”

  1. chips hanson

    It’s the Mocking Turtles’ or something, right? OMG, could be the Spencer Davis Group, Eric Burdon, and a number of other 60’s circa bands, pretty wild.! Is the burlesque/strip tease show still on for Sat. nite? My birthday party? RSVP Will Betty Page be making an appearance I hope! Cheers!

  2. Whoops just looked at your comment…sorry, if I could delete it, I would… what I meant is… uh… thats the Mock Turtles, right?

    Oh well, there she goes…

  3. Whoops just realized what you said before… what I mean is… uh… thats the Mock Turtles, right?

  4. I deleted your comment Joe…I kinda meant for people to come down and tell me. You know, tryin’ to drum up some business! (you were right though, you earned a beer)

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