Providence Community Library Annual Meeting

UPDATE (BY DAVE): I went. Great vibes. A diverse board of residents from throughout Providence. Lots of work in front of us. There have been some large in-kind donations (computers from GTECH, a year’s worth of new books from the Projo) and some small donations have started coming in. But the PCL is trying to raise about $500k over the course of the fiscal year — the next 10 months or so. Fundraising is about to start in earnest, so please be on the lookout for ways to lend a hand . (Also, they’re now called ‘community libraries’ rather than branches. You need to stick a dollar in a jar if you slip up.)

The movement to create a more democratic governance structure and reconnect the library to the communities it serves is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen over the course of my involvement in local politics. I hope there’s a sociology or anthro or polisci student around town who’s writing a thesis on the effort. Let’s all help make sure it works.

ORIGINAL, 9/16: Tonight’s the first-ever annual meeting of the Providence Community Library. New board members will be elected and there will be lots of updates on how the nine libraries are faring since their July severance from the PPL. Representatives from all nine libraries should be there as well.

Wednesday, Rochambeau Library, 5:30pm to 7pm

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  1. lisa maloney

    I need to attend one of these meetings. I live right around the corner too so I have no excuse.
    So what is up with all the empty shelves where new release are supposed to be?

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