Arr, and if it don’t be the Nineteenth of September, the end of the season of gales, arrr. What be the relevance of this date, say ye? Why, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course, ye lilly-livered landlubber, ye. Why, I’s t’ crack open yer noggin t’ be askin’ sitch foolishness, not the least in public, like the damn fool ye are. Er, I mean AARRR!!

Well, what kin ye do then what t’ celebrate correct-like? I mean, besi’es the obvious, reet?

Well, fer starters, ye kin put yer boots on ‘n’ do somethin’ t’ he’p keep the tides pretty, by joinin’ one of WRWC’s river cleanin’ up thingers. (See fer details below decks, er, a post ‘r two down, I reckon; look fer the picture of the pretty flying fish down ther. ‘N’ if’n ye find y’self too far rubbed by the burn of the rum ye had at the benefit at Blackstone last night (ye did go ‘n’ do yer bit o’ good there, reet? no? well, shame on ye! but ye kin still go t’night after WaterFire be over, arr), or if y’r done cleanin’ the river, and find y’self burnin’ to do more, give ol’ Bruce Hook a call ther, an’ see if he’s got a fish fer ye to fly also still.

After that, I dinno. Perhaps if’n ye hie y’self over to Blue State Coffee this comin’ Tuesday night, reet aroun’ seven o’clock a’night ‘r so fer Providence Poetry Cafe, and, make y’self known to sometime-host and permanent fixture Coppo. Don’ worry, ye’ll know jes’ who he is from the hat, I promise. And don’ fergit t’ give him a hearty belated “AARRR!” when ye do! Bring a sea-themed or better yet a pirate-themed poem.

Now, If’n ye be like m’self, ye pro’ly not prepared fer this, ‘n’ be mekkin a dem fool o’ y’self. So let’s all resolve to be more prepared next year, by doin’ sem learnin’ on’t, ‘n’ mebbe loadin’ up some booty, too!

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