The Foxes Are Building The Hen House

Protest Wendell Potter, former health insurance executive and newly minted reform advocate, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night discussing the Baucus Bill. Clearly uncomfortable with Mr. Maher’s characterization of the bill as a “watered-down blowjob to the insurance companies”, he confirmed that much of the language in the new bill came straight from industry lobbyists.  That’s right, the insurance companies are writing our reform legislation. On Tuesday you can express your displeasure with the system and — while I favor pressuring the members of Congress right now — at least get the other side of this issue on the news. is organizing a rally outside United Health Care in Warwick.

Bring your banners, posters, stories, and rally calls, and let big insurance companies know that big-business-as-usual is not acceptable. If you know an unsavory fact about the dark side of the insurance industry, put it on a poster and come on down.

And people, when you are making up your signs for cripes sake check your spelling. And if anybody asks — there are roughly 60,000 protesters in attendance.

Rally Tuesday, 4:30pm, United Health Care, 475 Kilvert Street, Warwick

(Potter on Bill Moyers Journal after the jump.)


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