Play With Your Food (Standard Outlet Required)

Glint by Todd Winkler Tonight’s events from the Pixilerations Festival include digital, electronic, musical and video peformances downtown at the URI Shepard Building Auditorium — one act features amplified gourds! But that will be just one performance of many.

Underneath the sheer wizardry of this concert series is an undercurrent of cross-cultural, old vs. new media inquiry, such as Matthew Peters-Warne who plays a gourd-based digital controller to transform Portuguese and Umbundu languages into music. Also: Todd Winkler’s immersive audio/video environment, Kristen Volness, (laptop and string quartet); Peter Bussigel (in a shivers-inducing audio journey); Alex Dupuis (guitar and electronics); bedtime stories (with video) from Lucky Leone; Alex Kruckman in an audio-visual feedback loop; and Ed Osborn creates an “audio microworld” with live electronics and table-top guitar.

Finally, gourds that you can rock out to. (The image here is from Todd Winkler’s video ‘Glint’)

Free, 8pm, Friday, Shepard building, 80 Washington Street

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