Athenaeum Enters 21st Century dad is named Herman, and his first-ever email address represents a coming out: HermCanEmail@######.  So it’s understandable that an organization nearly four times his age was until-recently languishing in the web stylings of the late 1990s. But no more: New website. New blog.

The fall salon series begins on Friday:

Part One: Phil Goldman, host of Live Bait, the monthly storytelling series at Perishable Theatre, on “True Stories from Real People.”
Friday, 10/2, 5-7pm

Technology allows us to share our stories with people everywhere, yet its global reach can make us long in compensation for the singular voice. At Live Bait: True Stories from Real People, an award-winning, participatory, adult storytelling series, people sign up to tell stories based on pre-determined, purposely vague themes (such as “Under the Influence,” and “A Stupid Thing to Do”).

Stories must be true and told in six minutes or less, no script or notes. Goldman will discuss the tale well-told; Salon attendees can jump in, and are also encouraged to attend Live Bait that night at Perishable (95 Empire Street), admission fee will be waived for Salon attendees.

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