Courses At The Steel Yard

tree guard/Lu Heintz Still time to enroll in courses at the Steel Yard. A few things have started already but some classes like ‘Beginning Blacksmithing’ don’t start until November so maybe there is still time to get in. The course instructor for that workshop is Lu Heintz whose work enhances and protects the Providence landscape. Pictured here is the tree guard in front of Julian’s. She also created the window grill at B Sharp music (lovely and practical) and if you were ever stupid enough and drunk enough to try to break into the old Safari Lounge, I bet you left your junk on those spiky, medieval window grates. Workshops include metal casting, glass casting, glass fusing, ceramics, welding — check out the course listings.

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  1. HEY I use to drink at safari lounge a long time ago, but that burnt down and i stopped drinking, but the mommies are still there. BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!!!!!

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