Dean & Britta & Andy & Edie . . .

D&B poster Okay, this is completely out of my wheelhouse so I won’t even pretend to understand this music but I know that this is a much anticipated event in some circles, and in need of a special mention here. This will be a compelling production to be sure — musicians Dean & Britta will perform something of a soundtrack to Andy Warhol’s legendary film portraits. Writing for The Phoenix, Jim Macnie describes their work as “romantic somnambulance — their music pads along in a rich dream state”.  So, this will not be confused with Dethklok I think. Dean Wareham is known by fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna (with Britta). And here’s the local connection — Hasbro again — Britta was the singing voice of Jem.

Saturday, $18, 8pm to 10pm, RISD Auditorium, 17 Canal Walkway (near South Main and College Streets)

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  1. By pure coincidence, I listened to Sonic Souvenirs just a few hours ago. I’ve never been a big Warhol fan, but I love Dean & Britta, so I wish I could see this. :(

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