I Lift Mine Eyes . . .

dog praying Technically, St. Francis of Assisi was a Catholic, but before his conversion, he was a highborn aristo so Episcopalians have embraced him. And everyone is invited to the ‘Blessing of the Animals’ being conducted by St. Martin’s Church tomorrow at Parkside Park on the fashionable East Side — cats, dogs, goats (don’t know where the snakes fit into all this, theologically speaking). In preparation for the event, Episcopalians will get their pets groomed, the Catholics will take theirs to confession, and then by gosh, it’s cocktail time! (For more about Episcopalians and animals, go here.)

4pm, Sunday, Parkside Street

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  1. very well written post you should blog about this more often.

    I didnt know people blessed animals, well I guess it makes sense.

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