Maybe It Was A Late Night

ProJo headline Sordid? Really? I think the the headline writer for The Providence Journal needs to get a grip, or start reading the articles. This AP story appeared on the front page of today’s edition; perhaps ProJo management is trying to goose circulation with show biz scandals. So here is what the ensuing “sordid” story basically boils down to — “Unmarried entertainer has consensual sex with unmarried 34-year-old woman”. Why don’t we save these hyperbolic headlines for, oh say, married elected officials who go toe-tapping for men in airport bathroom stalls. And if it was the blackmail that was sordid, then the picture should not have been of Letterman. (Complete disclosure: I am the hugest David Letterman fan ever.)

2 thoughts on “Maybe It Was A Late Night”

  1. Celebri-justice is bogus. If you read all around, you’ll see that the porkees have uniformly asserted that they never felt harassed. Means nothing.

    When the boss is schtupping employees, it casts a pall over the entire operation. It’s basic management best-practice. Was DL assessing jokes on the basis of the bra size of the writer? Promotions based on BJ quality? I’ve worked in “that office”, and it sucks.

    In all truth, he should face SERIOUS internal sanctions cuz that’s just terrible management practice in a big, publicly-traded company.

    So it’s all about his fan-boys-&-girls trying him in the court of public opinion.

    “We the jury find the defendant, David Letterman, adorable on all counts.”

  2. Extort this!

    I’ve be racking my brain trying to figure out which of his actions were the extort-able ones. Is there more to it, or was he really just thinking it’d work to say: “Give me $2million or I’ll tell people you had consensual sex with somebody.” I think most of Dave’s fans are happy to learn he was getting laid.

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