RIP Harley Guy

Harley Memorial

Your memory is in good hands. I have never been a fan of the modern ‘makeshift memorial’ concept. Not only do they become a bedraggled mess in about a week — mylar balloons honor no one, even when inflated — but they always seem more about the public mourning (getting on the six o’clock news) than the actual grieving. What’s more, the usually tacky and cobbled-together shrines seem like an incredible emotional and visual imposition on the neighbors who had nothing to do with the event, but are forced to think of it daily. But . . . I think I’ll make an exception for this display which for me has crossed into the realm of folk art.

This motorcyclist crashed and died last summer on a quiet, residential street. His life has been affectionately captured in this assemblage by friends who seem like people well worth knowing. First, somebody had to fabricate the impressive and strangely sweet cross out of diamond plate. As to the ensuing additions I’m guessing that they were randomly placed over time, but look at how the whole thing comes together. I don’t know if it’s still a work in progress; I think it’s perfect as it is. Right now it’s a size that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself which bodes well for its survival I think.

2 thoughts on “RIP Harley Guy”

  1. He was speeding and got hit by someone coming out of that side street there. There was an article in the ProJo at the time…..

    The memorial has changed over time, though I’m not sure when it was last added to.

  2. Have seen this several times a week for the past nine months or so on my run, and it doesn’t seem to have grown much bigger or smaller. Any idea of the circumstances surrounding his death? It’s always struck me as such a strange place for a memorial of that type.

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