Road Trip! Manic Street Preachers In Boston Thursday


The Manic Street Preachers haven’t toured the US since the nineties, but they’re back now promoting their new album, Journal For Plague Lovers.  All the album’s lyrics were written by Richey Edwards, the group’s guitarist who abruptly disappeared fourteen years ago.  (He was never found, and officially presumed dead last November.)  Meanwhile, the band’s had thirty top 40 singles in the UK, many of which are very, very good. The extremely earnest group of Brit-rockers will be at the Paradise in Boston tomorrow.

I’ve been a Manics fan ever since I received a wonderful mixtape from a Finnish sailor I met in an AOL chat room (back in the days when mixtapes actually came in tape form and AOL chat rooms were places to meet Finnish sailors.) Above is the first song of theirs I knew, A Design For Life, from their album Everything Must Go.

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  1. The Manics are a great, shamefully underrated band. I wish they’d been as huge here as in England, but their US record labels (when they bother to release their albums here at all) never seemed to know what to do with them.

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