If 1,888,000 People Each Sent In One Dollar . . .

Won Park origami koi . . . then independent candidate for governor, Lincoln Chafee, could stop fundraising and start campaigning. Extrapolating from the 2006 guber campaigns, Chafee estimates that $2,000,000 will be needed to mount a successful run. He’s only got $112,000 so far, well behind Attorney General Lynch and State Treasurer Caprio. Columnist Edward Fitzpatrick interviewed Chafee (at Blue State Coffee!) to discuss the disparity. Personally, I think there are some deep (old money) pockets that will open wide at some point, including his own. Whatever it takes — he’s smart and principled, and I’m pretty sure would not be holding mass in the rotunda of the State House.  In the meantime, you can help. Go here.

(This origami koi is the work of Won Park of Hawaii, who if he has a website I can’t find it. Look at the eye. Update: Thank you commenter for the link. Go look at his ‘Two Dollar Angry Bear’! Someone must notify Stephen Colbert.)

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