Weekend In Music

Monty Are I Friday@Lupo’s, Monty Are I, @AS220, Bring Down the Hammer, Disaster Strikes, Hollows, JACK @Harper’s Ferry (Allston, MA) The Upper Crust @Club Hell, The Candace Brooks Band

Saturday@The 201, That’ll Learn Ya (see post below) @AS220, Turn to Dust, Hemlock, Interplay @Club Hell, Foredoes Me Quite, Lions Lions, Can’t Stand Losing, Joe Touchette @The Blackstone, Tall Tall Trees, Girl Haggard, The Wrong Reasons @WNWN, Interbike, Tonsstartssbandht, Cool-World, Rufio and the Lost Boys

Sunday@Dark Lady, Idiot Vehicle, Filth Mattress, Omnivore @AS220, The Dirge Carolers, Big Tall Buildings, Ticklebomb Orchestra @Club Hell, A Faylene Sky, Smite the Righteous, Article Unmake, Acerose

Monday@South Water Street HonkFest, Riff Parade, Extraordinary Rendition Band, What Cheer Brigade, Hungry March Band, Pink Puffers Brass Band, Pinettes Brass Band, Brass Messengers (see post below for more details)

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