Linc Chafee On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

maher Gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee will be Bill Maher’s guest tonight on HBO at 10pm, repeated at 11pm and throughout the week. They ought to get along famously now that I think about it — I’m not sure about the pot and the mushrooms and the strippers — but they are both ardent environmentalists. And Maher admires politicians who take principled stands. Thank you Rhode Island’s Future for the heads-up on this. How this got by me I can’t imagine as I watch Real Time with Bill Maher religulously. If you don’t have cable, find someone who does.

10pm, HBO, Friday (full schedule)

4 thoughts on “Linc Chafee On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’”

  1. I’ll say. Belzer sure loves the sound of his own voice. And like it wasn’t crazy enough, bring on Sarah Silverman! But LC did fine.

  2. What do people think of the show now that it happened?

    Chaffee I think was a little out of his league in terms of the lightning quick banter that was being played out around him. Belzer and West are such aces on that show that few could keep up with that kind of showmanship.

  3. There’s also a real time podcast available from the HBO website, which will be available next week.

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