Hey Kelly, Wanna See My Emmy Tape?

kelly bates/dan jaehnig “Reading words” is his entire job description, but listening to Channel 10’s Dan Jaehnig mangle the English language is becoming almost unbearable. On today’s noon broadcast, following the egregious ‘First Birthdays’ feature, he asked that viewers making submissions tell him how to ‘pronounciate’ the name.  I used to find him entertaining (my favorite so far is ‘lemur’ . . . rhymes with Mario Lemieux) but there are impressionable children watching during the day. Maybe his intern could coach him before airtime.

(Poor Kelly Bates. Her I like.)

3 thoughts on “Hey Kelly, Wanna See My Emmy Tape?”

  1. What is wrong with that is this — there is no such word as ‘pronounciation’.

  2. Mike and Gail Murphy

    We love Dan Jaehnig. He has been a saving grace for that station. He’s great at night and in the morning. He asks for a pronounciation, because he wants to get the names right. What is wrong with that?
    Way to go Dan!!!!

  3. Beth, I just saw the worst example of local coverage. I hope there’s video out there somewhere of the Rhode Show, possibly the least watched local production, on Tuesday. I fell off my couch laughing, as, on their cooking segment with Bob Berke from Pot Au Feu, they pulled squash from the (wrong)oven which was covered in fine green mold, perfect on the tight shot from overhead. EWWW!!! Bon appetit!

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