Low Anthem On Thayer Street — Tickets Still Available

Low Anthem poster Avon Show Don’t forget the special event (they are calling it Strats-on-Avon) Thursday night at the Avon Cinema. The Low Anthem will headline with Death Vessel and Brown Bird in support. (I could have sworn Annie had posted about this but I must have been hallucinating again.) I love the idea of the Avon hosting live music acts. Annie was right to mention the loveliness of the tickets (verrry detailed hallucination). They can be purchased at the Avon box office and the Low Anthem website. Two days later they will be heading out on tour starting in Seattle, then down the west coast to Arizona, Texas, Baton Rouge. They then work their way back up the east coast in December. (The national press took much notice of their latest cd Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. Read here and here. Listen here.) Tickets will be $14 the night of the show, so order early and save.

(Message to BKM. I have kept my part of the bargain, I trust you will forget where you saw me today.)

The Low Anthem, $12 in advance (order here), 8:45pm, Thursday, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street

2 thoughts on “Low Anthem On Thayer Street — Tickets Still Available”

  1. Annie Messier

    I think the husband hid our tickets somewhere. I could not stop fawning over them. Ahhh, screenprinted cotton fiber with gently frayed edges, I will be heartbroken when you are taken away and ripped up tomorrow night.

    [See how I’m diverting attention from the potential scandal of where Beth Comery was spotted yesterday? Even though I’m half-tempted to post something inviting Dose readers’ guesses?]

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