A Call To Action — Boycott Gucci


Providence musician Kelley Polar (electronica/disco house) has never been properly compensated by the House of Gucci for their use of his song ‘Entropy Reigns ITCC’ in the 2009 spring runway show.  I need everyone within the sound of my voice to stop buying Gucci products until justice has been done. A Dose Nation boycott alone would bring this fashion giant to its knees (except that I really really want that blue and red pantsuit — jeepers this stuff is beautiful). If there has been some misunderstanding on my part, then the Gucci people are free to comment and clear this up (and a certain red and blue pantsuit could make it all go away). Meanwhile, you can hear this fabulous song properly on Mr. Polar’s myspace page, and occasionally at Blue State Coffee where I also play it without his permission. His sister lives and performs locally as well. They come from a very musical family, like the Osmonds but without the magic underpants.

2 thoughts on “A Call To Action — Boycott Gucci”

  1. Lol @ a Gucci boycott, as if it makes up a major part of anyone’s wardrobe.

    If it were an Old Navy boycott, I could see myself having some problems.

  2. Isn’t it the licensing company’s job to secure the royalties? That would seem to me to put the dispute not between the Polar and Gucci, but between Polar and his license reps. Or perhaps between them and Gucci; but either way, not directly between Gucci and Polar.

    Unless, of course, this is not licensed music. In which case, Polar has a poor legal standing here, I think. Gucci may be d-bags for taking advantage of that, but it’s probably not illegal.

    If it’s a legitimate legal issue, Polar needs to pursue it through the proper channels. Otherwise, well, a musician these days is in a special position to embarrass a big company — as one musician recently did to an airline who broke his guitar and didn’t accept responsibility.

    Regardless, I’ll commit to stop buying Gucci until this matter is settled one way or another. That should frost them. And since I’m such a well-known fashion plate around town, this is a major sacrifice on my part. Hopefully they’ll feel sorry for me and relent.

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