Deli Meet

old butcher shop No baloney. City Councilman Cliff Wood invites you to an informal get-together with U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who will tell us why a super-majority of democrats can’t get meaningful (public option) health care reform passed, why we should care what Olympia Snowe thinks about anything, and why the insurance companies are even at the table and just get it done! And if some old retiree starts yammering on about her frigging COLA, aim her out the door and tell her there’s free pudding across the street. Other invited officials include State Representative Edie Ajello, State Senator Rhoda Perry and House Majority Leader Gordon Fox. And you just might see State Representative David Segal who will explain what the heck that David Byrne video is supposed to mean.

1:30pm, Friday, The Butcher Shop, 157 Elmgrove Avenue

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