Exile On Benefit Street

supreme Sayonara “Chiefy”. Finally responding to calls for his exiting of the public life (first me, then the ProJo) Justice Frank Williams announced yesterday that he will wind things up and go away. Corruption on the Rhode Island Supreme Court is nothing new, but this guy blazed new trails. (Raise your hand if your best friend is a six-year-old girl . . .  and you are in your sixties.) Further evidence surfaced that he had put the girl’s grandmother on the state payroll (now that’s a scandal we can all relate to) and I’ll bet his cohorts on the bench applied some pressure. Newly appointed Chief Justice Paul Suttell had this to say,

“There’s no question that this matter has become a distraction,” he said in a news release. “It is clearly in the best interests of the judiciary that the former Chief Justice be relieved of judicial responsibilities at this time.”

(Article in today’s ProJo).

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