Cheese and Bread and Cheese and Wine

Wine-&-Cheese A new restaurant, Wine & Cheese, is open in North Providence.  I’m not a fan of its Microsoft Clip Art-looking sign or logo, but I still tried the restaurant, if only so my witty companions and I could whisper Simpsons quotes like “My children need wine!” in bad French accents.

I immediately led our group into the wrong door (future reference: left side for dining, right for take-out) and encountered this mural.  My confusion abated when I learned that Wine & Cheese’s owners also own the Big Cheese Pub in Cranston.

Anyway, after we were cheerily redirected, seated, and given menus, we discovered that no cheese plates were listed, and the wine list seemed to be pretty ordinary stuff.  We wondered if “Bread & Cheese” might be a more suitable name for this establishment, given that everything we ordered (mozzarella bread, pizza and calzones) was some combination of those ingredients.  Or maybe “Carbs, carbs, carbs!”  Either way, Wine & Cheese was less snobby than its name led us to believe, and way more affordable.

Wine & Cheese, 1861 Smith Street, North Providence, open Tuesdays-Sundays

We had the teeniest of complaints about our chicken artichoke pizza (chicken tenders, artichoke hearts, black olives, sliced tomato, mozzarella and parmesan): both “butts” of the sliced tomato appeared on the pizza.  One companion also disliked that our round pizza had been cut into squares, meaning the middle squares were overly cheesy and difficult to hold while the outer slices were plain triangles of crust—but then again, he hates all square pizza.

We also sampled some calzones that, as with the pizza, came on our choice of white or wheat. They all came toasted (I love a crisp crust), and they’d make standard ingredients a little more gourmet. The meatball and sauce calzone, for example, includes ricotta cheese, spinach, and black olives. I went with the broccoli, cheddar and tomato calzone, which was a little gummy but very tasty.

60 cents was a small price to subsitute Venda cheese ravioli for plain-Jane pasta in the heftier entrees. The calzones cost $5-7, and filling up on bread/other people’s pizza more than helped me save half for the next day.  Starting tonight and continuing through December 31st, Wine & Cheese is celebrating its grand opening with specials, including a “buy one calzone, get one free” on Wednesdays.  Skinny hipsters, take note: that’s four meals for about $6.  Other daily deals include 20% off on Fridays, free pimped-out bread (mozzarella, garlic or “crazy”) with large pizza on Thursdays, and kids eating free on Saturdays.  (Check with the restaurant before ordering in case any of these change, ‘k?).

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  1. My wife and I go to W&C quite often. It’s not a raging gourmet restaurant, but a good family restaurant that offers a tasty Italian menu at a reasonable price. The decor is festive, the service is good and the location is convenient. We’ve taken a number of friends there and they, too, have found it to be a good place to add to their restaurant list in the Providence area. I do wish they would upgrade their wine list and offer a wider cheese offering, just to keep up with their name, however.

  2. I love them both. Been going to Big Cheese since I was a kid and still going! Wine and Cheese has more of the restaurant style atmosphere instead of pub like the one in Cranston. The quality of the food is consistent and delicious and best of all reasonable. And if you like greek salad – the best! No, it is not Papa Ginos or any other food chain. Just real good and worth trying!

  3. I kind of thought they would be like big cheese but fancier. That’s funny- no cheese listed on the menu lmao… I look forward to eating there this weekend. No online menu or advertisements, except this page. They need to get with it -because if people look this up online before they go eat they might see this review and be bound to stick with their traditional papa ginos or Applebees or something.

  4. Annie Messier

    LB, I confess I’ve never eaten at the Big Cheese, but I suspect they’re very similar because Wine & Cheese TOTALLY has that thing Matthew is asking about (I distinctly remember it on the menu as a “Stuffed Greek Popeye”, and I distinctly remember being tempted to order it out of curiosity).

    If you like their Greek salad, it’s free with a large gourmet pizza on Tuesdays for the rest of the year (one of their 2009 grand opening specials). And since I’ve named 5 of their 6 daily specials already, the last is a free drink with entree on Saturdays.

    (General note in case anyone cares about such things: I just changed the title of this entry. “Atkins Would Roll in His Grave” wasn’t one of my best.)

  5. The Big Cheese is the best! (Although their silverware is really cheap and tends to snap when you try to cut tough things like cucumbers.) Do you know if this place has the Greek Salad Stuffed Into A Spinach Pie Thing? Because that’s the best.

  6. Dude, I love the Big Cheese! (For all the reasons you listed above.) So this is like that place, except half the distance away?

  7. oh Annie, I’m sorry, I meant no insult. Don’t quit your day job, indeed, but please.. keep up the reviews of places I’ve never eaten.

  8. Annie Messier

    Kevin, to thank you for reading the Daily Dose, I will devote serious consideration to adding “half-assed restaurant critic” to my official Don’t Quit Your Day Job list. As long as it doesn’t upset the top contenders, which include “singing in public” and “carrying lots of heavy and/or breakable stuff at once.”

  9. I want back the two minutes of my life I spent reading this, please.

    Nevermind, I’d probably just waste them anyways.

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