Pecha Kucha and Action Speaks

levittown.jpgThe season’s final Action Speaks:

This week, Action Speaks takes a look at a birthplace of suburban utopia, Levittown. In just over 50 years, the American suburbs have physically transformed the landscape of our country, redefined the middle class and helped to both fuel and bring down our nation’s economy. Is this the American dream we were looking for? Will the suburbs, built on a seemingly inexhaustible supply of oil, be able to turn ‘green’ and can bastions of  ‘white flight’ and individualism reflect our nation’s demographic diversity and its needs for community?

Wednesday, 5pm @ AS220

And down the block there’s Pecha Kucha #8.

7:20 PM @ Bravo, 123 Empire St.

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  1. Lest we forget (or laugh), the Oz of that era was erected not very far away on Long Island:
    In 1964-5, everyone I came in contact with (growing up on LI and in nearby NJ) just expected the near future to be patterned after the Fair. Why wouldn’t it?
    After all, I could get there just by hopping on a bus and then the subway, and did, numerous times. And it was a safe trip, even for a 13-year-old kid by himself.

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