Sarah Vowell In Town

incredible Sarah Vowell is speaking tonight at Brown University promoting the paperback edition of her book The Wordy Shipmates which I am reading right now and enjoying very much. She has an original take on the whole Puritan thang and where Roger Williams fits in (or doesn’t) with the early New Englanders. (Vowell has also written a column in opposition to the changing of our official state name.) Happily her quirky radio persona does not adversely infect her writing style. She has a knack for synthesizing events, while pulling out telling details and amusing tidbits, in a way that helps illuminate the broader picture. I wonder if anyone is taking her to Prospect Terrace . . .  or the State House rotunda . . . or Williams Sonoma.

7pm to 9pm, Brown University, Thursday, MacMillan Hall, Room 117, Thayer Street

2 thoughts on “Sarah Vowell In Town”

  1. Once again you make an announcement with less than 8 hours notice.

    I know it is hard to find out things that are happening around Brown U, but this is really becoming a “Look at what you missed” kind of thing.

  2. Annie Messier

    I love, love, love Sarah Vowell! Well, her books and essays, not so much her kind of quavery voice…But I can probably put that past me and get my Vowell-adoring butt over to Brown just this once.

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